Mae Kampong village northern thailand
Mae Kampong Village


Riding Distance: 120 km

Ride Time: Approx 3 hours round trip

Allow a total of 4-6 hours depending on stops

Skill: Basic experience is sufficient

Motorbike: Ideally 300cc or more for comfort on the highway section and climbing the mountainous portion. However, it can easily be done solo on a 125cc scooter, or a little slower if you have a passenger. The quality of the road surface is excellent all the way to he village of Mae Kampong. If you continue above the village, the road becomes much steeper and rougher, but is still paved.

Overview: This ride is an opportunity to escape most of the foreign tourists, and experience a quaint village in a lush, green mountain setting. The tourists that visit Mae Kampong are mostly from Thailand. As is typical in the north, there are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops to enjoy. The slower pace in this area is relaxing and the mountain portion of the ride is a beautiful forest. If you visit on a weekday you’ll enjoy less traffic.

Preparation: Fill your petrol tank before ascending the mountain, particularly if you’re engine is less than 300cc.

Roads around Mae Kampong are ideal for a motorbike


Scenic Coffee Stop: Chomnok Chommai


Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 7.41.30 PM
Chomnok Chommai aka “The Coffee Shop Overlooking the Valley”

You’ll pass through the village of Mae Kampong just before arriving at this open air coffee shop. The main attraction is the view over the village and the menu is focused on drinks and desserts.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 7.47.45 PM
View from Chomnok Chommai Coffee Shop


Scenic Stop: Kew Fin


If you don’t mind a steep climb and an uneven road surface, continue up the mountain to the lookout called “Kew Fin”. Park your motorbike near the checkpoint gate and its less than a 5 minute walk up the hill to the view point (look for the sign below on your right, as its written in Thai)

Path to Kew Fin View Point

If the weather is clear you’ll enjoy a view of the surrounding mountains.

View from Kew Fin View Point

Trace your path back to the Mae Kampong village and enjoy a brief walk around the shops, restaurants and coffee shops.

Mae Kampong Village…Wifi available!
Mae Kampong Coffee Shop
One of several coffee shops in the Mae Kampong village

Scenic Stop: Tharnthong Garden (Restaurant and Lodge)



This restaurant and lodge has the most amazing garden view! I haven’t tried the food yet but will certainly do so on my next visit. Even if you’re not hungry, park and walk around the garden behind the restaurant.

Tharnthong restaurant on the way to Mae Kampong
Garden at Tharnthong Restaurant
Tharnthong restaurant and lodge
Yes, those are 2 real pigeons posing for the photo!

Visiting Mae Kampong made me question “How many more interesting places are there to visit near Chiang Mai?”

Of course the answer is, “Plenty”. Stay tuned for more…

Mae Kampong
Life in the slow lane on the way to Mae Kampong

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