I first visited Chiang Mai in December 2016 for a 10 day vacation and like many others, I eventually sold everything and moved here. One of the many draws of the city and surrounding area is that there’s SO much to explore and experience!

Most of the sites can be seen via Tuk Tuk, Uber/Grab, or on foot. However, a motorbike will get you there faster, cheaper, and the journey itself will be part of the experience. Best of all, a motorbike allows for serendipity…unexpected discovery.

Coffee break along the Samoeng Loop

After months of exploring and discovering new sites, food and experiences, I found myself providing friends (and often strangers) with long lists and descriptions of places to visit by motorbike. Eventually I was repeating myself so often that it made sense to write them down somewhere…

I hope you can enjoy discovering these places as much as I have 🙂